The Vendée Globe draws over a million people leading up to the start which is televised globally



When I prepare for my Sunday worship services here is a calm, a great sense of love around me, something is at rest in my heart and soul – almost as if time has stopped and I am experiencing a wholly different “thing” not present in all the good feelings of everyday life. A close divine encounter with Almighty God is what I believe I am experiencing. I have this same feeling when I think on or work on the initiative I will describe below. I believe there is a calling from God to encourage not only people in my own country but world-wide to believe in Jesus.

I hope to take you on a journey, into a world of sailing and solo sailing. Why do we do some of the things we do? What motivates men and women to push themselves to extremes, at great cost, sometimes to the cost of their lives.

Over and above all the great pleasures and joys of day-to-day life, two of my great passions are my faith and sailing. I intend to combine them both.

I was privileged to be a Commissioner at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 2018. Below is part of a statement I made to The General Assembly, it explains the “Believe in Jesus” global project.

John Mackay 107. Moderator I have listened intently all week, indeed sometimes in awe, at all that was said. One thing came over loud and clear - the incredible and inspiring deep sense of faith that still exists in Scotland and the strength of conviction of all who spoke at the Assembly and the passion, the real, real passion to further God’s kingdom here on earth.

My passion for the initiative I am about to describe comes from a clear calling from God, comes from an increased concern that we now live in a secular society and in particular our young folk, are not learning about or finding faith in Jesus Christ.

I will compete in the 2020/21 edition of the Vendée Globee. This is a single-handed, unassisted, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe on a 60-foot grand prix sailing yacht, 30,000 miles, 120-day journey from the west coast of France and back again.


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