Since early spring the mxNext shop in southern New Hampshire has been buzzing with activity as master builder Mark LeBlanc seeks to get the first dozen orders fulfilled. Interestingly enough these orders came through our dealer in Switzerland as well as our dealer in Russia. They will soon be loaded into a container and shipped overseas to customers who have been anxiously awaiting their boats.


As with all new products being brought to market there have been some challenges, but each new obstacle was met head-on by Mark and his team.  At first they tried out a brand new building technique only to find that the hull and deck weights were inconsistent and some of them had to be scrapped. It’s important for class racing that the boats be identical in every respect. Mark reverted to his usual means of laying up each hull and deck and they are now coming out within ounces of each other.


After four long months working six days a week this lot of boats are almost ready for delivery and Mark will be able to concentrate on finding more local buyers. Over the next couple of months boats will be based in Marblehead, Massachusetts so if you are interested in a test sail please make contact through the contact page on the website.



July 7, 2014


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