Today marks a milestone in the short life of the mxNext. Twelve sparkling boats were packed up and placed on racks in a shipping container bound for Europe. The morning started with a rainbow of colors on the factory floor and ended with a bare surface. Master builder Mark LeBlanc and his small team have worked for months laying up the carbon hulls and decks and baking each individually in the autoclave before bonding the two pieces together. It’s been a learning experience, but the end result are 12 pieces of art bound for new homes across the Atlantic.


Five boats are going to Russia and the other seven are heading to Geneva in Switzerland where new owners eagerly await their boats. “We have had some challenges but that was to be expected,” said LeBlanc.  “As with any new product we had a learning curve but we met each challenge head-on and I could not be happier with the way the boats have come out.”


With these boats finished and shipped Mark is looking for new business and is still offering introductory pricing so if you are interested please contact Mark directly at


For an amusing take on how these boats are helping bring about world peace please read the SpeedDream blog here.



August 13, 2014


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