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My name is John Mackay, I am a communicant and Elder of The Church of Scotland, I live in Lauder in the Scottish Borders with my wife and our two wee Westies. I regularly lead worship in Border churches and currently for over a year now I have been leading worship most Sundays at Cavers and Trinity Hawick.


I am concerned that we now live in an increasingly secular society and worship of God through faith in His son Jesus Christ is dwindling rapidly. Churches are closing, ministers retiring and vacancies in ministry increasing.


On Saturday afternoons when in my study as I am preparing for Sundays two services, I normally have some classical music playing, or a DVD of a favourite opera playing in the lounge at the other side of the hallway. The Westies are asleep at my feet under the desk and I begin to research and write the Sunday sermon. This is a pleasant time, and all feels well within my world, but then I experience a feeling that I wish I could describe adequately in words.


Over and above all the great pleasures and joys of day-to-day life, two of my great passions are my faith and sailing. I intend to combine them both. Read more here.


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